Procedural Sedation Course

Procedural Sedation Course


Course Description:

This course and workshop intended for physicians (Non-Anesthesiologists) who are looking for certification in PSA as a prerequisite of their professional license as well as the hospital accreditation process.

Part One: Online Course

Part Two: Hands on session 

Learning Objectives:

Upon conclusion of this program, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand “Sedation Continuum”
  2. Prepare patients for PSA
  3. Identifying a high-risk patient
  4. Perform sedation safely and effectively adhering to the regulatory guideline.
  5. Plan for and address special patients' needs and appropriately respond to emergency situations.
  6. Titrating sedatives and analgesics based on pharmacologic characteristics
  7. Techniques and routes of sedation.
  8. Monitoring effectively
  9. Assessing the patient for responsiveness, airway, ventilation, oxygenation, and circulation.
  10. Rescuing a patient from deeper-than-intended sedation
  11. Monitor patients during post-sedation recovery to ensure safe emergence from sedation.
  12. Discharge patients appropriately after recovery.
  13. Understand “PSA/Moderate Sedation Ladder”


ONLINE - HANDS ON session Clinical Skills & Simulation Center (old Building) 2ND floor, next to ward 25 ,at King khalid University hospital ROOM 318

Course Lessons

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