The 9th Ultrasound Guided procedures in critical care

The 9th Ultrasound Guided procedures in critical care

• 1-will be able to describe and demonstrate ultrasound guidance basic skills
• 2- perform Ultrasound guided central venous catheter insertion
• 3-perform US guided plural drainage
• 4- perform US guided ascites drainage

Course Description:
Simulation course designed to provide hands on experience on ultrasound guided procedures in critical care, from understanding and applying the basics to the mastery performance in central line insertion, plural drainage and ascites drainage.

Targeted audience:

  1. Internal Medicine physicians, Fellows & Residents.
  2. Emergency Medicine physicians, Fellows & Residents.
  3. Critical care ICU & PICU physicians, Fellows & Residents.
  4. Radiology Residents.
  5. Interns.
  6. Medical Students.
  7. Interventional radiology technicians & specialists.

AT King Saud University Medical City, Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, New College of Medicine BULDING 34 2nd floor.

Course Lessons

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