Couse Description: The SHA NRP course provides participants with the knowledge and skills they need to assess, recognize and care for neonatal patients who are experiencing life-threatening emergencies where the healthcare providers need to act quickly and smoothly. The course emphasizes providing high-quality newborn care by integrating cognitive and psychomotor skills with critical thinking and problem solving to achieve the best possible patient outcomes.
Course Objectives 
After completing the course, participants will be able to:
1. Demonstrate resuscitation skills, including providing initial steps, positive pressure ventilation, corrective steps, chest compression, umbilical cord venous catheterization, drug and volume expander administration.
2. Apply high performance team elements while newborn resuscitation.
3. Apply a systematic approach in evaluation and management of neonatal resuscitation.
4. Effectively evaluate, recognize and manage for a newborn patient experiencing respiratory arrest/failure or cardiac arrest.
Target audience & precourse requirements:
professional healthcare providers who directly care for neonate patients in a variety of settings and who could be called on to care for a critically ill neonate patient. This could include, but is not limited to, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, respiratory therapists, emergency medical services, and other professional responders.

Accredited by Saudi Heart Association

King Saud University’s Clinical Skills and Simulation Center , King Khalid University Hospital (Old Building) 2ND floor, next to ward 25

Course Lessons

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