Internship Preparatory Clinical Course

Internship Preparatory Clinical Course

Course Description:

"Practical part"
The Internship Preparatory Clinical Course aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of medical students through exposure to a wide variety of clinical skills and procedures. This course provides hands-on training and practice using manikins and standardized patients under supervision allowing continuous feedback to meet each student's learning needs. This course aims to facilitate mastery of skills essential to clinical practice and improve competence and confidence in the performance of clinical skills.

Course Objectives:

1- Conduct a trauma simulation code to help enhance interns confidence, teamwork, and response time.
2- Identify simple and commonly used equipment and appropriate usages, such as NG tubes and catheters.
3- Develop a safe and systematic approach to cannulation, and IV blood sampling
4- Demonstrate knowledge regarding the insertion of different airway devices.
5- Apply standards of care when caring for wounds, stomas, and basic suturing techniques.

Target Audience:

  • Medical Students
  • Interns

2 day (7:30AM-4:30PM) AT King Saud University Medical City, Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, Building 34 New College of Medicine 2nd floor.

Course Lessons

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