Fundamental Skills of Point of Care Ultrasound

Fundamental Skills of Point of Care Ultrasound

Learning Objectives
  • Explain the physics behind US image generation.
  • Identify a range of tissue types based on their US characteristics.
  • Perform and interpret the extended FAST examination.
  • Identify the utility of point-of-care US in a variety of clinical situations.
  • Effectively interpret the US guided Approach to undifferentiated Shock.
Brief Description
This training course will allow those who attend it to understand the basics and fundamentals of point-of-care ultrasound (US). Ultrasound (US) is fast becoming an extension of the physical examination in most surgical and emergency settings, and it's believed that most physicians will be carrying butterfly probes instead of the stethoscope in the near future. The course is taught by leading Trauma surgeons and critical care physicians who are experts in ultrasound and will incorporate comprehensive lectures, interactive case presentations, needle guidance sessions & extensive Hands-On practice. The participant will practice with live models and phantoms to immediately allow the learner to integrate the skills learned into clinical practice.

Target Audience
  • Medical Student & Interns. 
  • Residents. - Senior Registrars & Consultants. 
  • Physicians who are interested in incorporating the US into their daily practice.

1 day (8:00AM-3:00PM) AT King Saud University Medical City, Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, Building 34 New College of Medicine 2nd floor.

Course Lessons

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